How To Get Ticketmaster Ticket Presale Codes 2017

How To Get Ticketmaster Ticket Presale Codes

Here are some sure-fire ways to get Ticketmaster's elusive Ticket Presale Codes.

Remember, just because you have a code still does not guarantee you a ticket. 

Sign up to receive special offers from Ticketmaster via their emails. Log into My Account and select: My Account --> Select Alerts or Offers. Select the artists and venues you'd like to receive presales codes from and you'll most likely receive them via email before the show goes on sale.

Watch for Ticketmaster Social Presales on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Google+ as there may be codes posted the day of the presale that will be different from other codes.

VIP Presales sometimes have associated codes. Concert Venue Presales have different sets of presale codes so be sure to sign up for their emails as well.

Credit Card Presales such as Amex and Citibank usually offer presale codes but only if you use their card. The card is usually the phone number on the back of the Amex card.

Fan Club Presale codes are sometimes given out to fan club members, especially if you have to pay to join.

Album Pre-order Presales are codes occasionally given out if you buy your favorite artists' CD.

Fan Club Bundles are sometimes offered when tickets go on presale but you must buy the tickets and the fan club membership.

Team Presales like sports teams almost always offer presales to the members of their email lists.

Radio stations get different presales codes so make sure you check their websites or sign up for their emails.

Sometimes you can buy codes from Ebay or craigslist, but be careful of fraud.

Sometimes if you search Google, you can find a fan page or fan forum that has presale codes. Not all artists have presales, but most do.

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